Feedback and Good News Stories

Good News Stories:

Rowena Sharps, Cornwall

Phil Parrott, Torquay

Jez Menis, Plymouth



Louise, Somerset, Jan '16

“It has been so helpful and if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be working for the company I am working for. Honestly, all the positive words you can describe yourself with won’t be enough for all your help”


Karen, Cornwall, Dec '15              

“CV updated, more confidence, someone to talk to about the future. Helping me with continued contact help and advice. Just keep doing what you're doing. For me it's been a life saver.”


Claire, Cornwall, Dec '15

“Made me more aware of opportunities and courses. Julie and Sharon (Truro office) both extremely helpful”


Sam, Exeter, Dec '15

“New job, more £££!! Dan is putting me on an IT course too! So much better than the Job Centre! Definitely 10 stars!!”


Karl, Plymouth, Nov '15

“Updated my food hygiene certificate”


Rachel, Plymouth, Nov '15

“With useful information about jobs to apply for and other things to do to improve chances of finding more work”


Stephen, Plymouth, Nov '15             

“Help to find training and vacancies. Also, where I could look to find vacancies. More of the same please!”


Jez, Plymouth, Oct '15

“Helped expand my knowledge of Networking. Carry on as you are!”                    


Stuart, Plymouth, Oct '15

“Helping me with my CV and a new job”


Emma, Cornwall, Sep '15

“Pointed me to useful companies/ websites. Friendly, helpful- NOT patronising! :)” 


Jude, Cornwall, Jul ‘15                   

"Gave me the right tools"                           


Josh, Plymouth, Jul ‘15                  

"Helped give ideas to start a band and sourced information about team leading"     


Emma, Cornwall, Jul ‘15                

"Enabled me to gain confidence"              


Max, Somerset, Jul ’15                 

"Although I have only recently started receiving your help, it appears the things you offer will be a great help to me in advancing closer to my goals."


Bryony, Plymouth, Jun ‘15          

"Helped with my CV and work"


Chloe, Plymouth, Jun ‘15             

"They have helped me narrow down my career options. Would be good if Dream it Live it was open to everyone"